Monday, May 11, 2015

The Argument for SMALLER party...

It might seem counter intuitive for a party blog to be making a case for people to party smaller. 

And yet, here we are, with a waterslide still damp in my side yard and the kids still working off the effects off too much sugar from our 9 year olds birthday party yesterday. It was the smallest, less stressful party that I have ever thrown, and it ROCKED!

Our youngest is a firecracker of a kid, and when I asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner, her response was that she wanted to eat at home so she wouldn't have to behave. O.K...makes sense.  And when I asked her who she wanted to invite to her party, she only named two families that we hang out with alot.

Well, alrighty then, I guess an at home party with family friends we'll do.  Now, it should be noted that there are 8 of us in the immediate family, and one family that we invited has 4 kids, so we got up to 17 people VERY QUICKLY.  But it didn't come near to what I was expecting, which was about 40-50 guests. So, in total, we had about 13 kids.

We threw up a waterslide with a foam machine, fired up the bar-b-que, and threw some pool toys in the pool.  Add a dinosaur fossil cake, and we had an instant Birthday - Mothers Day party.  

Ya know what? It was one of the best parties ever!  She had a blast, the other kids had a blast, it was a loud, messy, fun party for kids from ages 9 through 19.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  So the bottom line? I LOVE parties that manage every detail - with elaborate themes and color coordination - fancy foods and Pinterest perfect fun.  But sometimes, that isn't what the GUEST OF HONOR WANTS!  Sometimes, a dino cake from Winn Dixie and a waterslide with a couple of BFF's is just what the Dr. ordered!  However you party, just remember to celebrate everyday!  Have a great one! Celebrating YOU!  With love, Party Jumpers! P.S. Happy Happy Birthday to my little darling Jackie!

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