Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Must Be official Waterslide Season!

Here in Sarasota, we had our week of winter and now my phones are heating up with requests for waterslides!  And WHY NOT!  This week is suppose to be high 70's all week long - the sun is shining (the tank is clean!) and it sounds like a perfect excuse for a party! 

When choosing a waterslide, you want to consider the average age of your guests and plan the height of the waterslide accordingly.  Little kids are probably fine with a slide 16' or under while older kids and adults obviously would like something a little more challenging!  Surf & Slides are a great option too - but are best suited for kids over five years of age as little children will have a hard time running up to it and getting enough speed to make it from one end to the other!  It's a long way! (Our longest Slip&Slide is 48' Feet Long!!!! 

Foam parties are a huge hit these days as well!  I hesitate to add them into our inventory because I was concerned about potential allergies etc, but they have turned out to be an awesome addition!  Pair them up with a waterslide or slip-n-slide and you have an awesome party! I've updated our Pinterest page to help you plan your own water themed party for the Sarasota and Bradenton areas  - but if you want to chat - give me a call!  Party Jumpers loves to help you plan your next, best party!  (941) 343-0370. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bring your Pajamas and Party On!

A Pajama Party is an awesome idea - that most parents shy away from because "ARGH! 12 Kids Sleeping (or rather not sleeping!) OVER!".  But I've done this theme at our house without the sleepover component and it was a huge success. 

Picture this party!

4:00 p.m. Kids start showing up!  Want a craft to keep them busy?  Pick up pillow cases and fabric paint for a "Design your Own" pillowcase that they can take home with them!  Instant party favor gift! 

5:00 p.m. Plan an activity!  You chose whatever fits your guest (and naturally, the guest of honor!) interests.  NATURALLY, we are prone to inserting fun inflatable here...bounce house...waterslide....whatever, but you do YOU! Have fun and get the kids moving!

6:00 p.m.  How about a movie and a dinner plan?  Make it easy! One great idea is to do a breakfast theme menu - Pancakes - Fruit - Juice etc!  I love the idea of a "Pancake CAKE!"  Donuts and more - what are your favorites?  Put on a movie - how about "Bedtime Stories"??

Want to picture some more?  Follow us on Pinterest and check out more awesome ideas for this theme here!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow - there's the BEST PARTY EVER!

So I'm feeling very nostalgic today as my oldest daughter turns 19 years old tomorrow! (insert sniff here!)  Remembering the little girl who was OBSESSED with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz for years, I can't tell you how many pairs of ruby slippers I've purchased in my lifetime.  She's not so much into it these days, and I miss that! 

The Wizard of Oz makes an incredible party theme - for boys and girls alike.  I've pinned a ton of great ideas for you on our board here.  Take a minute and check them out - and don't forget to like our Facebook page for a discount on your next inflatable rentals in the Sarasota and Bradenton Areas here!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Let's Play "Guess Who's Coming to the Party!"

So, I don't know if you have heard the news recently about the dad and son over in the U.K. somewhere who received a bill for NOT going to a birthday party that they r.s.v.p'd to that they would be attending.  Seems that Jr. found he had other plans with Grandma, they didn't have a way to contact the people throwing the party, and didn't show.  Now there is a viral story batting around the universe about how they received a bill, and they're not paying the bill, and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Regardless of where you stand on these people getting the bill, not paying the bill, or why stories like this go viral in the first place, it brought a dilemma to mind that plagues many a parent throwing a birthday party for kids. 

R.S.V.P. (ing)

If you are having a backyard party, while it may be inconvenient to have people not show up that you were expecting,or show up when you didn't expect them,  it's usually not the end of the world.  There is a general rule of thumb that I follow now for party favors bags/gifts that has developed from people with this habit.  I don't customize party favors anymore!  If you have someone show up that you were not expecting, I always feel bad for not having a gift bag!  By not putting names on the bags (or hats or whatever), you can roll with the punches.  Also, consider making up a few extras as siblings can, and often do, show up with guests occasionally. You can always keep leftovers for a rainy day (or donate them to a local charity to brighten someone elses!)

Here's my tried and true check list of how to deal with RSVP's and kids parties.

DO add an R.S.V.P. with YOUR name (not Caden's Mom) and best contact number/email.
DO consider using an online site to keep track of invites (like Evite or whatever).
DO expect that some kids are going to lose paper invites before getting home, that some kids are dealing with two households and the parent that has them that weekend might be clueless.
DO send out your invites a month ahead, if possible.
DO call the week of the party the kids house (or email) and follow up to see if they received the invite.  Say something like "I'm following up because I know that invites often get lost on the way home" because Mom/Dad may have just forgotten and are now horribly embarrassed. 
Do expect a few extra kids if possible.  If the party is offsite, they usually try to accomdate unexpected guests.  If not, perhaps that's not your site for next year!
DO relax!  In the big picture, a stressed out Mom is a sure fire wet blanket for any celebration.  Your kid is having a birthday!  Awesome!  Enjoy every minute, regardless of what anyone else is doing!
DON'T customize party favors/bag - roll with it as kids show up!
DON'T take it personally when kids don't show up.  You might be the most organized Mom in the world, but some Mom's are hanging on by a thread and they need a little love. Next time that Mom with cake on her face might be you!
DON'T send party favor bags for the kids that didn't show into school...it  is never pretty.

Have a wonderful party! Free party tips and themes on our Facebook page daily!  Love, from Party Jumpers!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Be a Doll and have a Matryoshka Party!

I may NEVER be able to pronounce these dolls, but we have a ton of them at the house!  I have ALWAYS loved them.  Matryoshka dolls have fascinated generations of kids and adults for years, which is why I was so excited to stumble across a party theme devoted to them today!  Check out our Pinterest page devoted to them - and feel free to snope around and find some OTHER great party ideas for your next birthday or other family friendly celebration! 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Craft parent made these on MS Word! How cool!
pARTy On with an art theme for your next kids party!  This is a wonderful party theme for all ages, boys and girls alike!  SO many fun options here - check out some of our personal favorites on our Pinterest page here!  I love these invitations that were created on Word!  I also found a TON of cute ones on Etsy!

Splatter Paint with balloons full of paint!
"Decorating" cupcakes or cookies?
 Cake pops at the end of paintbrushes? Tiny Masterpieces? You name it!  Splatter paint with balloons?Multi colored popcorn, cotton candy, sno cones?   You name it!  The possibilities are endless! Don't forget a super colorful bouncehouse, obstacle course or waterslide to make the party really POP!
Stay hydrated # get those juices flowing!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pizza Party!

Added some super cute Pizza Party ideas to the Pinterest board this morning and thought I would share!  Check them out here!

Also shared a great "pizza" snack that tastes YUMMY and is Gluten AND Dairy free!! Whoo Hooo!  Check out the link on our Facebook page - and don't forget to add your own suggestion for $25 off your next rental!! #partyrental #Sarasota #Bradenton #kids #bouncehouse #slides #inflatables