Friday, August 29, 2014

Dinosaur Party!

Boring Parties are prehistoric with this great party theme!  I love this non-gender specific party - who doesn't love to dig up a great party!  Here are some great suggestions!

Invitations! There are many cute ideas out there - but I'm a sucker for an invitation that you can play with too!  Check out this baby!

Decorations!  My favorite thing is to decorate for a party with items that we can play with or reuse at a later date!  I HATE the waste associated with throw away decorations - it's kinda my obsession!  SO if you kid LOVES dinosaurs - find fun decorations that they can play with again!  Throw in some vines and a green backdrop - and voila' - instant party!  Your local science museum is also a great place to find cool dino stuff!

Cake and Food!  I've been on a cupcake craze lately - and the idea of putting cute tiny dinosaurs on them sound delightful!  I also love this "Dino Dig" parfait idea! Cake - or ice cream - or a number of other yummy treats would work here!  Find those little "bone" candies!

Activities!  Keeping those kids busy is always key to a successful party - don't forget to call Party Jumpers for an awesome inflatable - we have a great Dinosaur bouncehouse that will be the hit of the party! We have lots of other stuff too!

Seriously - follow us on Pinterest for many more great ideas for a dino theme party (and other awesome kids party ideas)!
Dinosaur Bouncehouse

CUPCAKES! A great theme for a birthday!

I love cupcakes - mostly because I can't be trusted with an ENTIRE cake.

A Cupcake themed birthday or shower theme is a great idea!  If you're a creative baker, the possibilities are endless.  Here in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas, there are some great bakeries that specialize in the treats.  One of my favorites is Gigi's on University as they have always have Gluten Free options for my youngest daughter!

Check out my Pinterest for a host of great ideas for your party - but one of the best is the cupcake wrapper garland!  I love the activity idea of "Decorate your Own" cupcake for the kids!

You'll probably want to add an inflatable to the mix to burn off some of that sugar charged energy!  Make sure to call Party Jumpers for your a bouncehouse or waterslide to make the party complete! You can also check us out here!  Make sure to like and share our Facebook page for monthly specials and the most up-to-date party themes!
D.I.Y. Cupcake Garland! Adorable!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Medieval Party Theme for Kids!

This might be the most fun birthday party theme yet!  I had so much fun putting together our Pinterest board for this party!  Knights - Princesses - Dragons - and all manor of royal court are sure to love these great ideas!

Invitations!  I used this type of invitation for a pirate themed party when my son was crazy into Captain Jack Sparrow!  Tea stained paper (or buy some that already looks old!) and then I singed the sides (after printing out the invite!).  Rolled with a wax seal or ribbon - cutest invites ever!
A Feast for a Prince or Princess!

Food!  A Royal Feast - I love the idea of huge turkey legs, but the kids might not be into them as much!  Perhaps chicken drumsticks if the kids are old enough to not choke on the bones!  Tables stacked high with grapes and assorted fruit, and small pies!  Here in Sarasota, there is a take out place called 4 and 20 Pastry Company ( - they make all kinds of neat meat pies and stuff that would be a great addition!

Cake!  You can find some amazing castle themed cakes (or a dragon birthday cake idea is fun too!)  If you are looking for something that you can whip up yourself, check out my Pinterest page - there are some cute cupcake ideas, as well as a fun castle themed cupcake holder!  A simple cake with a medieval themed bunting would work great as well!  I found some great banner cupcake picks on Oriental Trading too!

Decorations!  Unless you happen to live in a castle ( or have an unlimited party budget) - decorations can run into some serious gold coins!  Banners can be made simply and cheaply.  I really cute homemade (and safe) torches up on Pinterest too.  Feeling really handy? A cardboard box castle would be a huge hit!

Activities!  Well - naturally I am bias to a jousting unit - fun for all ages.  They will love our Octodome Extreme - check out this video and see ALL the ways that you can use it (or just jousting!). A castle bounce house with a slide, or an obstacle course, would really get the party started!

In the Sarasota or Bradenton areas, Call Party Jumpers for free party planning help for your kids next incredible birthday party! Bouncehouses - Waterslides - Obstacle Courses - Jousting Units - Dunk Tanks - Concessions - Tables and Chairs - Party Games ... We Bring The Party! (941) 343-0370
Castle Combo - Call Party Jumpers! (941) 343-0370

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Planning A School Carnival? Step Right Up!

Planning a large scale fundraiser for a school can be complicated.  I've planned more Jog-A-Thon's and school carnivals and fundraisers for my kid's schools than I can count over the last 15 years.  It's tough - but doable with plenty of planning - and hopefully - a little help from other parents!  Here's
dunk tank
some little tips that I've picked up along the way!

* Ask for HELP! And more importantly, TAKE THE HELP!  I get that sometimes you are running so hard that it's hard to stop long enough to really ask for help - but you should!  There are other parents that want to help - they just don't know what to do.  If you plan in advance and break down some manageable steps for people, when someone says "I can help!", you can answer "Awesome - do THIS thing!".

*Make COMMITTEES!  People really are intimidated by the whole process, and mostly just want to avoid looking like a fool!  If you have an outline made up explaining the job and the steps - people are more likely to say "Yeah - I can do that!"  Put it in a BINDER - so that future PTO's or planners don't have to recreate the wheel!

Rock Walls and Bungee Jumps
*Have a THEME! It may sound silly - but having a specific theme really does help focus you in term of planning.

*Concessions are a BIG MONEY MAKER! Need volunteers? Call your local teen organizations - they often times have access to kids that need community service hours (check how to make sure that you are qualified to GIVE those hours too!)

*Put your MOST popular pieces towards the back of the event - it will pull people through!  Have MAPS where things are - it's crowded!  Have more than one ticket booth and consider selling them in advance for a discount! (Armbands will save you a lot of hassle!)

Obstacle Course 
*Involve the staff - but NOT TOO MUCH!  They already have so much on their plate, think about how you can benefit the classrooms (or your charity) without adding to their load!  Delivering flyers to classrooms? Sure! Calling on the Class Parent to stuff envelopes for their class or assign volunteers for their booth? Why not!

*Have a AFTER THE EVENT meeting!  What was awesome - what was terrible - what can we do better next year.  This often overlooked step can save alot of heartache for the next years committee!

Want some expert help planning your next event? Call Michelle at Party Jumpers for help from Jousting Arenas -  Obstacle Courses - Rock Walls - Bungee Jumps - Bouncehouse - Giant Slides - Interactive Sports Games - to Cotton Candy - Sno Cones - Hot Dog Warmers - and Popcorn - one call does it all! Party Jumpers - (941) 343-0370 in the Sarasota and Bradenton Area!

We have 2 giant obstacle courses!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Amazing Candle | Rainbow Colored Candle turns and plays music

Isn't this Cool!!! It comes from right in Bradenton!!!  Shop local and smart!  Invite it to your next birthday party along with us!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Buggy about Birthdays!

If your kid is buggy about insects like my youngest, they will appreciate some of the adorable ideas on our Pinterest board,

From Dirt Cakes, fun decoration ideas (think WINGS), caterpillar sub sandwiches and nets for favors - you'll be whipping up a party that will make moms wonder "How DOES she do it!" in no time!  Just add an awesome inflatable and you'll have the best party yet!

Have another theme in mind - from pirates to princesses and everywhere in between - we do parties! Free party planning ideas for our friends in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas!  Call Michelle  (941) 343-0370!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CowABunga! It's a Party!

Looking for a fun theme for your kids next birthday bash? How about the Teenager Mutant Nina Turtles? They are HOT again! I've found some awesome ideas on Pinterest...but here's the low down!

*Think PIZZA for lunch - and why not consider a Pizza themed cake!  It would be an easy D.I.Y. - but I'm sure that a local bakery would love to whip one up too!  (Again, check out my Pinterest board for some great tips on how you can whip that up!

* Green Balloons can easily be transformed into Ninja heads!

* Felt makes easy and cheap Ninja masks!

* Add a bouncehouse, waterslide or even better - and obstacle course - to really get the party jumping!
Add an Obstacle Course for Real Ninja Action! Party Jumpers at (941) 343-0370