Saturday, September 6, 2014

Popcorn Party - Possibilities are endless!

Cute popcorn "ice cream" cones!
Your next party is popping with this theme!  I've seen mind blowing themes rolled around popcorn. It's so easy to use this simple treat to host a great - easy - and inexpensive party! Birthdays! Baby Showers! Carnivals themes! Weddings! School and church functions! Movie Nights! Slumber parties! You NAME it!

I've collected some awesome ideas on our Pinterest page for you to check out - but here's a couple of my favorites for your next party.

Marshmallows "popcorn" cupcakes
You'll find ways to make popcorn ANY color and a rainbow to mix in's that will make your mind pop. Add a popcorn bar to any party.  If the party is "kid" centered, make sure that you add some softer treats for kids with braces - They can't eat the popcorn! You'll find popcorn themed cakes as well. Consider yellow and white balloons for decorations - red and white striped table linens will complete the look!
Concessions from Party Jumpers

Baby showers are adorable when wrapped around the "She's Going To Pop" concept.  You'll find so many awesome invitations on Etsy you won't know which to choose. Wedding Shower or engagement party? He "Popped" the question!

Concession rentals are available in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas through Party Jumpers - free delivery when you rent any one of our great inflatables.  Call (941) 343-0370 and check us out online - Follow us EVERYWHERE for our monthly specials!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Have a Monster of a Party!

Adorable Monster themed party table!
I'm kinda obsessed with monsters....not the scary kind....but the cute fuzzy kind.  They also make for an awesome kids party idea!  The "Little Monster" theme is great for first birthdays, but I'd throw a monster party for any age!

This is a party theme that you can easily pull it off D.I.Y. and cheap too! Google eyes to the max! Cupcakes with eyes (you can buy edible ones on Oriental Trading)

Homemade invitations - how can you screw up a MONSTER?  Check out some cute ideas on our Pinterest board here!

Balloons with Eyes?  Fuzzy tablecloths! Monsters peaking out from under chairs! Monster footprints leading up to the door !  Let your imagination go wild!  Don't forget a bouncehouse, obstacle course, waterslide or foam machine for the wildest monster party ever! Party Jumpers - Sarasota and Bradentons answer for great kids parties

Edible Monsters!  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Double the Fun with a Birthday Party for Twins!

You can adjust almost any party theme to incorporate twins, although it does get a bit more tricky when you have a boy AND a girl!

Some great themes that I've seen used:
Dr. Seuss Thing 1 & 2 idea...great for young kids....especially a first birthday party!
Pirates and Princesses is also a fun idea
- or pirates and fairies as well.
We've also seen "Peas in a Pod" (which is also a GREAT them for a baby shower!)  Check out our Pinterest board for more cute ideas!

The older the birthday kids, the more difficult to address the kids as individuals, so it's super important to plan ahead to make their day special!

One of our great obstacle courses! Party Jumpers

How about using the whole "Double" as the theme itself?  Do the games twice, two hats for everyone, double decker sandwiches and double scoops of ice creams...see the trend?  Don't forget one of our amazing obstacle courses or a double laned waterslide to complete the day!  Have questions?  Call Party Jumpers at (941) 343-0370 or visit us at  I'd love to help you plan your next family friendly fun!

Two lanes make twice the fun on a waterslide!

Monday, September 1, 2014

2nd Baby? Have a "Baby Sprinkle" instead of a Shower!

     I hadn't heard of this idea until today, but it's my new favorite party idea!  Is someone you love having baby #2 (or 3 or more?).  It feels kinda tacky to keep throwing baby showers, and after you hit 3 or more kids, people WILL start rolling their eyes!  Instead of a full blown shower, have a "Baby Sprinkle!".  People feel less pressured to bring big gifts, but every baby deserves a celebration, and EVERY Mom deserves to be celebrated!

     Check out our awesome Pinterest page for lots of great baby shower and sprinkle ideas!  Think INFORMAL - a much more laid back feeling with this party.  As many of the guest (including the guest of honor) have kids as well - why not consider inviting them?  (Shameless plug alter - we often deliver bouncehouses to showers! Check us out at Party Jumpers!

    Sprinkles - everywhere!  What a fun and festive idea!  Sprinkles on the invitations, food, decorations! Now the only question is WHERE was this great idea when I was having all those kids!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Earth Friendly Birthdays!

Some quick Earth Friendly tips for your next birthday party!
Zoo Bouncehouse - Party Jumpers

Consider having an "Earth Party" themed birthday too!  Check out our Lorax Themed Pinterest page  or more Earth Themed party ideas here !

1 - Email invites or use a service like Evite - easy, cheap, and no paper/mailing involved!

2 - Consider corn starch based plates, reusable utensils, and reusable serving pieces.

3 - Say No! to plastic tablecloths - rent or buy cloth ones!

4 - wrap presents (both for the birthday kid and party favors alike) in recycled paper!  Check out how to make your own wrapping paper here!

5 - Incorporate an earth friendly theme into the party!

6 - rent or borrow party decorations, activities, plates and more!  
Jungle Themed Table

Celebrating Earth Day - Everyday!

On the heels of the report this week that the damage to the Earth is "irreversible" - I'm reminded again as to our family carbon footprint.  So, we'll be sitting down this weekend and reviewing what we can do to help our Earth.

Not great talk for a party blog.  But it also got me to thinking what Party Jumpers could do to reduce our footprint as well.  I've tossed around the idea of renting party equipment (not our usual bouncehouse - waterslide rentals) but smaller stuff, like cloth tablecloths rather than people using plastic, dishes, cupcake/cake stands and maybe even decorations.  It's a big (and expensive) leap - so if you are reading this - could you help me? Would you prefer to rent this stuff, or is it just not a big deal?  Thanks! Feel free to email me at too!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dinosaur Party!

Boring Parties are prehistoric with this great party theme!  I love this non-gender specific party - who doesn't love to dig up a great party!  Here are some great suggestions!

Invitations! There are many cute ideas out there - but I'm a sucker for an invitation that you can play with too!  Check out this baby!

Decorations!  My favorite thing is to decorate for a party with items that we can play with or reuse at a later date!  I HATE the waste associated with throw away decorations - it's kinda my obsession!  SO if you kid LOVES dinosaurs - find fun decorations that they can play with again!  Throw in some vines and a green backdrop - and voila' - instant party!  Your local science museum is also a great place to find cool dino stuff!

Cake and Food!  I've been on a cupcake craze lately - and the idea of putting cute tiny dinosaurs on them sound delightful!  I also love this "Dino Dig" parfait idea! Cake - or ice cream - or a number of other yummy treats would work here!  Find those little "bone" candies!

Activities!  Keeping those kids busy is always key to a successful party - don't forget to call Party Jumpers for an awesome inflatable - we have a great Dinosaur bouncehouse that will be the hit of the party! We have lots of other stuff too!

Seriously - follow us on Pinterest for many more great ideas for a dino theme party (and other awesome kids party ideas)!
Dinosaur Bouncehouse