Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free Bouncehouse Rental!

Check out my awesome contest on Facebook - "Rename the Octodome!"

Name Me! 
While I LOVE this inflatable - I HATE the name! It's a bouncehouse, jousting arena, basketball and volleyball court OR a HUGE Twister mat (think 18'x18'!) But it's NOT something that makes you think "eight!"  Enter to win a free rental (value of $225) before October 31st...we need 100 entries to run the contest - so share with your friends! Suggest A New NAME, like and share to enter! Click HERE to enter! (Must be within our 20mile free delivery radius and date subject to availability!) Call if you have questions! (941) 343-0370 Party Jumpers

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Farm / Barnyard Party - the perfect fall party theme!

I love Fall - not like - love.  Growing up in New England, it was such a magical time of year.  I love it here in Sarasota too - we have so many fun fall festivals, it reminds me of home.  It also reminds me of what a great time of year it is to throw a "Farm" themed party - you have pumpkins/hay/scarecrows - so many things available to decorate the perfect backyard party (or festival - carnival!).  I've been busy working on some cute ideas up on our Pinterest board - check them out here!  Of course - we have the perfect bouncehouse to go with your theme - but check out all of the other great decorating ideas, cakes/cupcakes, invitations and food!  Perfect for boys or girls on any age - I hope you have fun planning!
Farm Bouncehouse - Party Jumpers

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pirate Party!

I just had a mom reserve our Pirate Bouncehouse today for a Jake and the Neverland party, and feeling nostalgic as my little boy turned 15 this week, I'm remembering HIS pirate phase.  He was Captain Jack EVERYWHERE! At the grocery, the doctors office, the beach - anytime he left the house - he was a pirate.  Accent and everything.  There are few things funnier than your 7year old son mimicking Johnny Depp and I miss those days!  His pirate birthday was a BLAST!  We had remote control boat battles in the pool, the invitations were treasure maps, and there were many HATS.  Thinking about a party for your pirate? Follow this link to our Pinterest Pirate Party page for some ideas (I love the Bananas!)  Need a pirate bouncer - Call Party Jumpers! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for current FB friend specials first!
The Pirate Bouncer - available through Party Jumpers! (941) 343-0370

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Block Party!

We've been having some incredible weather lately!  Last Sunday here in Sarasota was AMAZING! As we roll into fall, it's a perfect time to plan a neighborhood block party!  Halloween neighborhood parties - Thanksgiving get-togethers - family celebrations of all types!  Check out our Pinterest page here for some great starter ideas.  Plan a date and get ready for a wonderful day!  If you need concessions, games, bouncers or tables and chairs - make sure that you call Party Jumpers!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Birthday! Awww! Party Time!

It seems that we've been booking SO many first birthday parties this month, I have to wonder WHAT was going on 1 year and 9 months ago!  First birthdays bring out the nostalgic Mom in me! Naturally, baby could care less about the party, but as Mom's we love to make beautiful memories of this special day and a big party is usually in store!  As you normally are inviting not baby's friends, but friends and family, you'll want to have food and entertainment for young and old!  Don't forget the SMASH cake - my personal favorite!

Check out some of the cute ideas on our Pinterest Page...then call us and we'll be happy to help plan the festivities!  Table, Chairs, Bouncer, Concessions - you name it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Forgot to plan the party....

It's 3am....you are jolted awake with one thought. "OMG - it's almost OCTOBER". 
Normally, another month on the calendar is not cause for a cold sweat.
It is however when you are entering ......
"The Birthday Zone"
(insert ominous music here)

In my house, "The Birthday Zone" means that my oldest four kids have birthdays in immediate succession (read as October, November, December and January). Add in the holidays, and you have mind numbing, head spinning stress, the kind that curves your spine and chips your GEL nail polish. 

Fear not dear maiden....
For you have Party Jumpers. I specialize in last minute dinners, hairdressing appointments, and you guessed it, BIRTHDAY PARITIES!  One call does it all - I can hook you up with a cool inflatable (bouncehouse - waterslide - obstacle course), Concessions (popcorn, sno cones, cotton candy, hot dog warmers), tables and chairs, and NOW (drum roll) COMPLETE PARTY STUFF (table clothes, paper goods, custom invitations).  It's so hot you can't find it on the web site yet - mostly because I suck at keeping the website up to date because I'm too busy trying to PLAN A PARTY! I'm joining forces with some cool and LOCAL businesses to provide you with the best in town for party goods. Think cool cakes, great helpers, and naturally, the best party rentals in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas for your kids birthday party.  A D.I.Y. kinda gal? Then check out our cool Pinterest page here for the hottest trends in kids parties. Check out my site at www.partyjumpersinc.com and remember...
(941) 343-0370

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Firefighter Party - The Hottest Scene in Town!

I love this idea for a kids birthday!  My son was obsessed with fire trucks when he was little - so this one really warms my heart (hahaha!)
The Dalmation Bouncer - Party Jumpers!

Check out my Pinterest page here for some great ideas - but some of my favorite are water balloons thrown at a board - our Dalmation bouncehouse (or a waterslide would work too! We have one in great primary colors!)  Rescue the day with the best birthday ever!  Did you know that we now offer FULL PARTY PLANNING?  Party Jumpers to the rescue - we do the invites! Bring the Bouncehouse and concessions - even the paper goods, tables and chairs!  How could it get any easier?  Call for details!!!! (941) 343-0370 !

Check out all of our cool inflatables for your next party in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas at www.partyjumpersinc.com!