Friday, March 28, 2014

Combined Birthday Parties - Saving Time AND Money!

I've been chatting with a lot of moms recently who have kids with birthday's close together, and I'm always interested in what's working for them!  Joint birthday parties have become a great option for parents who are looking to conserve resources (time/money AND sanity) into one day.  You might consider a single theme that they both agree to - but what if they can't settle one a single theme?  I've collected some themes that work together, while giving each kid a sense of their own individual spirit!  Boy/Boy - Boy/Girl or Girl/Girl - Have any suggestions? We'd love to hear from you!

Knights/Princesses           Pirates/Mermaids           SuperHero (SuperGirl AND Boy!)      

Movie Theme (with each of their favorites)       Mustaches/Bows         DIfferent Colors? *Black/White

Different Animals/Insects       Fire/Ice (that could get intersting!)     Different Seasons

I would suggest TWO cakes however (even if they are small!).  Sing to each of the kids individually - it's their day to shine!   If your kids birthdays are close together - but not their ages - consider having two parties in one day (one early/one late).  You can still combine a lot of the work and expense, but not worry about the big and little kids not getting along!  Another idea is having a joint party with another family!  Sweet 16's are a great example of this!  Want some more cute ideas? Check out our Pinterest page, Facebook page or our website for great ideas that will make your kids birthday, graduation, first communion or other special day the best!

Boy and Girl Joint Party Ideas here!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kids and Organization - the Essentials!

I don't tell many people that I meet for the first time that I have five kids, but when I do, I get many wide eyes stares that range from the "Are you NUTS" look to the "You MUST be NUTS" look :)  Truth be told, because it's our life, it dosen't seem like a big deal,  but when I look at a friend that has eight kids, I am blown away.  "How do you do it?" is the most popular question - so I'm here to tell you the secret!  ORGANIZATION
A Closet Sweater fabric bin
Folders for each kid!
Really!  That's it!  My grandmother told me to do an extra 20 minutes of housework everynight - and that was a great piece of advice!  I call it "Getting my ducks in a row" - don't go to bed without the laundry flipped, the dishwasher running, the floors and kitchen cleaned.  Waking up to a mess is the WORST!  I'm including some crummy pictures (from my phone)  of some of the things that help my house look like it's not a warzone - the key is HIDE STUFF! No coffee "tables" - coffee "trunks" - that end table is - yup - another trunk (holds a Huge train set!)   The playroom - an 8 foot room divider holds board games and a small part of a huge book collection.  The laundry room has a bin for each kids clothes - comes out of the dryer and into the bins.  In the kitchen there is a folder for each kid that holds school info ( 5 different schools! Yikes!)  as well as a folder for each activity with the schedules, guidelines etc.  Online organization I owe to Cozi - an online family organization system really - it's our calendar, all my shoppings lists, to do lists, and more.  You'll love it trust - trust me!  Check out my Pinterest page as well for the board on Stuff with Kids!  If you are organizing a party in the the Sarasota or Bradenton areas - check out Party Jumpers - I'll help you organize your next best family friendly event or birthday! Here's to Spring and your organized home!

Coffee table or Train Set container?

There's alot of toys, games and craft in them there cabinets!

Ikea - a Mom's best friend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Great Birthday Party - Great Mom!

I just posted about Do-It-Yourself cakes last week, a few days before tripping over some super cute pictures of a birthday party hosted by my friend Chanda.  She did just a great job, she really deserves a shout out!  Truth be told, she loves to do this stuff (outside of her regular profession as an eye doctor!) and it shows in her cute ideas.  But also, most of these could be done even by super un-crafty Mom ME!  She had a minecraft party for her 9 year old boy ( but my daughter would love this theme too!).  Check out her cute ideas here and the rest of them up on my Pinterest board.  Not into Minecraft?  There are lots of other great ideas on our Pinterest.  Need some fun party rentals? Call me at Party Jumpers (941) 343-0370 if you are in the Sarasota or Manatee Counties - We Bring The Party!

Minecraft Party Ideas

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

D.I.Y. Birthday Cakes That You Can Actually Make!

I remember calling my mother-in-law one year, and begging her to hit me in the head with something blunt if I ever decided to make a birthday cake for one of my kids again!  Birthday cake prep requires a level of patience that I do not possess, but I do love a great cake!  Since Cake Boss and his friends, the pressure is on for the cutest cakes - modeling chocolate and all!  Some of these cakes can get OUT OF CONTROL!  They are truly a work of art, and can cost as much as one too!  I've dug up some reasonable cakes that regular parents could pull off and hope you love them!  Check them out on our Pinterest page - then check out our Party Jumpers page to pick out the perfect inflatable - and VOILA' - instant party - just add invites!  Having trouble with your theme?  If you are in the Sarasota or Manatee county area - give us a call at (941) 343-0370...we love to provide free advice helping you plan the perfect birthday, shower, graduation, family reunion - or ANY party day!

Cutest Homemade Birthday Cakes

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Hot Birthday Party Ideas for Kids!

Baby, it's hot outside!  As the temperatures soar here in Sarasota, we change our focus on party planning to water sports!  A dry bouncer can get HOT (think slide in the sun at the playground HOT), so it's a wonderful time of year to include some water features into your birthday party planning!  It's great to have a pool party, or consider a Teen Beach Movie theme (still super popular with the pre-teens!).  There are lots of fun ways to cool things off while still having a hot party!  We've included some great pictures on the Party Jumpers Pinterest page, but here are some basics as well!

1) Have your party earlier in the day!  Late afternoon storms can put a big damper on your plans!
2) Include some cool treats!  While plenty of drinks are needed, maybe a fun sno cone machine as well!  You'll find some fun cool off treats on our Pinterest page!
3)  Include a water feature!  Sprinklers! Water Balloons!  Water guns!  Or one of Party Jumpers awesome waterslides or slip-n-slides!  There is cool fun for everyone!

Happy Planning!  If you have a great suggestion, holler out!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Want a great party idea for everyone!  Try this new inflatable!  We call it the Octodome - you'll call it the best idea EVER!  It's Basketball - Jousting - Volleyball - Twister - or just a HUGE bouncehouse!  Great for all events and ages!  Check out this video while it was out for a youth group event at our church - We Bring the Party!  Party Jumpers!

Check out the fun on this link!

Great kid parties on the Suncoast!

Loving Pinterest!

It's so much fun to help a customer find a great theme for their upcoming birthday party!  So many wonderful choices here in the Sarasota - Bradenton areas!  Today, one Mom I spoke to is planning a Minion party for her child! Fun!  I helped her find a great bouncehouse - and then hopped over to our Pinterest account to start working up some fun ideas to make the party a complete success!  The bright colors and simple design of Despicable Me lend themselves to a great party!  Do you have an idea?  Call us at Party Jumpes and we'll help you get your party bouncing!  (941) 343-0370.