Friday, July 25, 2014

Construction Themed Party!

Feeling sentimental this morning!  Just bought my son's High School uniform - where does the time go? How can he possibly be going to high school already???

Remembering his first birthday like yesterday.  He was obsessed with trucks - especially dump trucks - so naturally we had a "Construction Party"!  It was so simple - but just so perfect.  Yellow construction hats for everyone (one of my friends "customized" them with name of the guests!).  I made a big sheet cake, put candy that looked like boulders on it with (new) little construction vehicles on it! Don't forget the smash cake!

Today I updated my Pinterest page board for the Construction Birthday Party - we've come a long way baby! We didn't have a cool bouncehouse business then to really jump up the fun! I would have added our awesome obstacle course for sure!  Find some fabulous ideas on how to throw an amazing birthday party for your little builder - take a ton of pictures and send post some to Party Jumpers Facebook page!  We starting a monthly contest for the best birthday party pictures!

Sending lots of love and hope you have a wonderful time planning!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Minute Birthday Parties....(Life Hacks for Moms)

It's Summer! You're juggling the kids being home (and trying to keep them occupied) with a million other house...all the things that keep your day hectic.  Then you realize one of the kid's birthdays is .... week! What to do???

Time gets away from all of us - especially in the summer when our schedules are often chaotic!  Here's some handy Mom hacks for last minute parties!

1) Think Theme....what's little Johnny really into these days? Check Pinterest for party ideas (I'd put a time limit on this if I were you - can you can spend all day on Pinterest if you aren't careful)

2) Invites - NO time for that!  Use an online service (like Evites) to get the word out FAST! Think the 3 F's...Fun - Fast - and FREE!

3) Food - Think can order pizzas - or a 6 foot long sub (always a fun thing!) You might need a day or two to order ahead - and Cake! There is nothing wrong with picking up a blank cake! Ask them to write on it "Happy Birthday Johnny".  If you have a theme (let's say Legos is your theme), grab some little Lego dudes to stick on the cake - and VOILA' - instant custom!

4) Don't rule out last minute reservations for party rental companies!  I know that I often will discount things at the last minute if they are not already reserved.  Yes, you might not get your 1st choice, but you MAY, and you may even get it cheaper than if you were prepared!)

5) Dollar Store is my best friend for last minute, cheap decorations! In and out in 10 minutes or less! Plates, napkins, utensils, decorations and balloons - instant party!

Then sit back and breath - you can do this!  Last minute birthday parties can be a snap with a little imagination!  Check out my Pinterest page - you'll find tons of board with different party themes!  I try to include invitation, cake, food, decoration and entertainment ideas for each of the themes.  Then call me at Party Jumpers - (941) 343-0370 - and I'll help you pull this off!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How about A Rio Themed Birthday Party!

Cute idea for a birthday! Gender neutral! Easy Setup! Colorful and Fun! Think authentic South American foods - bright colors!  Add a Jungle themed bouncehouse or our Amazing Jungle Waterslide and you've got yourself an AWESOME party! Call Party Jumpers - We Bring The Party! (941) 343-0370 #waterslide #bouncehouse #sarasota #bradenton #lakewoodranch #birthday #party #kids

Check out this theme and more ideas on our Pinterest Page

Our 18' foot Wet OR Dry Slide

Our 45' Massive Jungle Slide with Slip-n-Slide

It's a Jungle out there! Order a Bouncehouse

Monday, July 14, 2014

Foam parties - your next party is your BEST party!

Make A SPLASH with a Mermaid Birthday Party!

My oldest daughter literally cried when she figured out that MERMAID was not an achievable career goal.  Sirens from the sea have mesmerized us for centuries - and for good reason!  If your little girl dreams of life underwater as well - check out some of these party planning ideas for her next birthday! Have you seen the towels that are shaped like mermaid tails? The perfect party favor! Have a pool - how fabulous for this theme! Our Pinterest page has lots more ideas and don't forget to Like our Facebook page for discounts and up-to-the minute party ideas for the Sarasota and Bradenton areas!

Cake:  The cake is always the crowning jewel of any celebration to me - and there are some completely over the top ideas on Pinterest (check out our Pinterest page for our Mermaid party Favorites as well as many other themes here!   I like to focus on cakes that we DON'T have to spend $150 for personally - and stumbled across many super cute cake TOPPER ideas that can be found on Etsy - some are fondant and some not edible - but all are cute and will significantly cut down on your costs!

Activities: We have some wonderful ways to keep these little princesses of the sea busy!  Consider one of our fabulous waterslides or incredible foam machine (sea foam!) to make your party complete! Check them all our on our Party Jumpers site - prices listed for each slide - but our Facebook friends always get a discount!
Foam Parties are great for all ages!

The Raging River Waterslide - perfect for kids and adults!

Invitations:  If you are hand delivering - I've seen some adorable "Message in a Bottle" type invites - but that won't work if you daughter is handing them out herself!  Here's one I found online that is adorable!

Decorations: Easy!  Aqua blue and green decorations are perfect for this theme! Consider streams and balloons - they make for easy and cheap decoration ideas!  Introducing some tan (sand) color or purple works great as well!  I love these tulle table skirts - looking for LOTS of ideas? Check out our Mermaid Pinterest Page here!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hot Birthdays Need COOL Waterslides!

Summertime birthdays require some extra consideration in Florida.  The hot sun and changing weather patterns call for some extra planning.  You may love the idea of having 18 kids running through the house, hopped up on sugar - but me - I'll have a waterslide thank you!  Kids LOVE them - and they will stay cool and occupied all day long! Remember to keep them hydrated!  Plenty of drinks (and maybe a sno cone machine) should make for your best summer birthday party ever!!! 
Call Party Jumpers for your Next Best Birthday Ever! #watersliderentals #Sarasota #Bradenton #kids #birthday #party 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Very Merry UnBirthday To You!

Having a birthday on a holiday can be a bad thing - but if it is on CHRISTMAS DAY - then it can really rotten.  My second daughter has a Christmas Day birthday, which has never been that bad because at least the whole family was around for the holiday.  One year, we started having Un-Birthday Party for her! The FUNNIEST thing was the person who decorated the cake wrote "Have a Un-Happy Birthday"  INSTEAD of "Have a Happy Un-Birthday"....well...I thought it was daughter...not so much! We have some great Un-Birthday Ideas on our link at PINTEREST!  Or just call me at Party Jumpers and we'll bring the party!