Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Must Be official Waterslide Season!

Here in Sarasota, we had our week of winter and now my phones are heating up with requests for waterslides!  And WHY NOT!  This week is suppose to be high 70's all week long - the sun is shining (the tank is clean!) and it sounds like a perfect excuse for a party! 

When choosing a waterslide, you want to consider the average age of your guests and plan the height of the waterslide accordingly.  Little kids are probably fine with a slide 16' or under while older kids and adults obviously would like something a little more challenging!  Surf & Slides are a great option too - but are best suited for kids over five years of age as little children will have a hard time running up to it and getting enough speed to make it from one end to the other!  It's a long way! (Our longest Slip&Slide is 48' Feet Long!!!! 

Foam parties are a huge hit these days as well!  I hesitate to add them into our inventory because I was concerned about potential allergies etc, but they have turned out to be an awesome addition!  Pair them up with a waterslide or slip-n-slide and you have an awesome party! I've updated our Pinterest page to help you plan your own water themed party for the Sarasota and Bradenton areas  - but if you want to chat - give me a call!  Party Jumpers loves to help you plan your next, best party!  (941) 343-0370. 

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